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our CEO

Our CEO Martin Gymer has built 7 successful foreign exchange Option businesses at major international Banks.

Culture & commitment are surprising the biggest questions to be asked when structuring or re-structuring a foreign exchange Option business.

When looking to increase profitability it is usually a case of the 'usual suspects' that cause a business to plateau or decrease in profitability'

our services

FXDC offers consultancy in all aspects of foreign exchange & foreign exchange Options. We believe foreign exchange Option businesses are basically like factories. The essential functions have to be working well do provide consistent profitability.

Banks with a franchise should certainly look to build that first, especially the retail aspects of the business.

Foreign exchange Options businesses generally haemorrhage money. Simply plugging up the 'holes' can dramatically affect the bottom line.

New 'Synthetic Banks' offer great new opportunities to retail customers. We believe this will be the next main growth area in the foreign exchange business

joint ventures

We believe that the world of distribution has and is under going a paradigm shift.

joint ventures

Liquidity is freely available and providers of web based distribution services are becoming ever more powerful.

There is a new potential for Joint Ventures that will enable Banks to access the retail market efficiently and profitably with little risk, no capital expenditure and with virtually no resource requirements