Trading Rules That

1. Trading Rules That Work" is focused on helping you making money

2. It's a unique, practical tool, individually structured for your trading personality

3. Built by a Trader/Manager with over 20 years experience at major International Banks

trading rules that work

Statistically “Great” traders are ‘right’ just over 50% of the time. Without a structured environment making money would be almost impossible!

The key to this program is the unique way it allows traders to practically and instantly use a set of Trading Rules dynamically in the market place. This enables traders to recall many different Trading disciplines, instantly. This ensures that a risk taking structure is adhered to that is capable of making consistent profits.

The objective of this program is to provide a structure that will provide consistent profitability in markets. Liquidity in all products is now provided internet platforms to anyone who wishes to trade financial products.
There seems little help available to show new and experienced traders how to structure their trading to give them the best possible chance of success. That is objective of this and our other services/web sites.

Martin Gymer the CEO has built or been a principal in 8 FX 'start up' trading operations at major International investment Banks. Risk structure and risk discipline are standards that apply to any business that wants to make money from trading.
Structure and Commitment are key. These Trading Rules have been built with a “I wish someone had of told me this when I started !” approach. This knowlege would have saved me a lot on money in tuition fees to the market place!