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  • £399 click here to purchaseFX European Options course 19 interactive modules, over 5 hours in duration with interactive exercises to check the delegates understanding of the core concepts. This is a complete program covering all aspects of European FX Options from a users perspective. This provides a platform for the more advanced courses to follow
  • £150 click here to purchaseTrading rules that work This program teaches delegates the discipline of trading. It contains over 50 trading rules and most importantly the abiltiy to draw and use these rules dynamically and practically when trading.
  • £50 click here to purchase'Trading rules that work' consultancy/coaching If you are new to trading and are not sure what structure to put in place with your 'Trading Rules that work' program you can have an hour of consultancy/coaching to organise your rules to fit your trading style. This must be done after purchasing the Trading Rules program.