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HelixtwoEducation is the keystone to any foreign exchange & foreign exchange Options business. Customers are ever more demanding and keeping up to date and competitive requires a strong commitment towards education

We offer a unique service in foreign exchange & foreign exchange Options training. Presented by market professionals who have built foreign exchange & foreign exchange Options businesses at major international Banks.


HelixTwoThe credibility gained though our education services has led us to a multitude of consultancy tasks. We can assist in every aspect of the foreign exchange & foreign exchange Options business and consider ourselves specialists in business structure

Consultancy projects have included full Foreign exchange Options business plans, building and coding Exotic Option pricing tools, a full education roll out of new products to distribution staff and implementing Joint Ventures with liquidity providers

our courses

helxiSixOur interactive foreign exchange Option courses have been attended by over 2,000 delegates worldwide. We pride ourselves on offering fun, workshops based courses that are engaging and relevant to your work environment

Our courses are bespoke and tailor made to your requirements. Over 10 years we have built up education ' modules' that can be selected as the basis of the course. Additional modules are welcome to ensure you have exactly the course you require