Trading Rules That

1. Trading Rules That Work" is focused on helping you making money

2. It's a unique, practical tool, individually structured for your trading personality

3. Built by a Trader/Manager with over 20 years experience at major International Banks

about us

Trading Rules that Work is part of a dedicated chain of web sites solely focused on providing help and assistance to Traders trading financial products.

There has been rapid growth in distribution through portals and liquidity is readily avaible. Most is highly leveraged and will require sharp expertise to ensure profitability can be provided before margins are run down.

Trading Rules that Work is dedicated to proving a risk structure to traders both at the beginning their career and for the more experienced trders.

It was put together by Martin Gymer over 16 years ago.
Martin has over 20 years experience in Trading and managing FX Risk desk and major International Banks.

This includes being a pioneer in the FX Exotic Options market place and being part of the original O'Connor JV whom floor and American traders will be more familiar.

If you have any questions about this site, the content or the members area please contact Martin directly on