Trading Rules That

1. Trading Rules That Work" is focused on helping you making money

2. It's a unique, practical tool, individually structured for your trading personality

3. Built by a Trader/Manager with over 20 years experience at major International Banks

frequently asked questions

q1 How long does it take to learn and go through this program?

Ans 1. The program will take you between 3 -10 hours to complete. Once completed a 10-30 minute review is recommended each weekend. The membership is a subscription because the site should be 'dipped into' periodically to ensure the Trading Rules system is working for you.
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q2 How big is the Library of Rules?

Ans 2.There will intially be over 50 Rules on the membership site. This will grow quickly to over 100. I have put the most relevant up first and will periodically place more up. If anyone wishes to add a Rule to the program I would be delighted to take a look at it.
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q3 How can you possibly use a Library of Trading Rules when the markets are going crazy?

Ans 3. You need the Trading Rules the most when the markets are active/crazy. The key to this system is to allow members to be able to draw on their 'top' Trading Rules' instantly and dynamically and use them when they need them most.
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q4 What is the cost of completing this program?

Ans 4. The cost is based on a 'good financial book'. The Trading Rules will need to be accessed periodically from time to time and I have placed a monthly membership cost in place for that reason (please see our 'buy product | shop' for more details). To any active trader the yearly cost of this program can be covered in one trading/disciplined action.
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q5 What is the minimum amount I will have to pay?

Ans 5. Please see our 'buy product | shop' for more details. If you have any questions please email
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q6 How do I access the site for FREE

Ans 6.Trading portals/Web based Trading platform providers pay affliate fees/joining for any new clientsthat are introduced from another web site. This commision would otherwise be lost but if you join an approved company by this means I will pass this commission on to you and let you have this service for FREE see the membership page for more details or contact for further information.
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q7 Who is behind the site?

Ans 7. Martin Gymer is the CEO of the company (see the CV on the lower half of the home page). Martin has traded FX and FX Option for over 20 years. He has been a priciple is 8 'start up' FX Options business at major International Banks (Bank One, BOA, Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank, Dresnder Bank, ING, Republic NB). He has managed FX businesses for over 15 years and is a specialist on FX risk 'structure'. Martin has designed an implemented entire FX Options systems from scratch, built Exotic Option pricing tools and led a steering commitee to establish contract specifications and best practice in Exotic Options. This is now a Global industry standard document. Martin is O Connor trained, a theoretically based group that went from nowhere to the largest market maker in FX Options in under 6 months.
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q8 Is this difficult to learn?

Ans 8.No, this is quite easy, fun and straight foward. The concepts maybe 'new' and a bit strange until you get used to them but the focus of the site is to give you a usable tool in the market place. The program can be done piece by piece in a very slow fashion depending or how you like to learn and more importantly how much time you have available.
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q9 How do I know if this will work? Why should I spend my time and money on this program?

Ans 9.There are no guarantees in any system that is designed to make money. Like the 'turtles trading program most of the discipline to follow Trading Rules rests with the trader. Our CEO Martin Gymer says 'I have used these Trading Rules for over 15 years and the work for me. I want to give people the opportunity to use them for a small fee. To be honest if people dont subscribe and stay subscribed this not commerically viable for me. I therefore will only make money if people using this program are sucessful'.
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q10 Is this program appropriate for all asset classes? FX, stocks, gold, energy, int rates etc.?

Ans 10.Yes, this is a generic tool that can be used for all asset classes. I would add however,that is is better and imperative, that the trader has a good feel for the underlying product and understands how news, events and economic releases affect the asset. If you are new to trading I would start small until you learn and get a 'feel' for the underlying asset.
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q11 What do I get when I become a member?

Ans 11.You have access to the members area. This has a Library of over 50 Trading Rules that will quickly grow to over 100 Trading Rules. The key to the site is a tool to give you the ability to choose your top Trading Tules, memorise them and be able to use them dynamically in the market place?
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