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q1 How long does it take to go through this program?

Ans 1. The program will take you between approximately 5 1/4 to 5 1/2 hours. There are 19 modules and 20 interactive exercises. Each modules should be done in one sitting or more if you prefer
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q2 Is it appropriate for all asset classes?

Ans 2. Yes, I my training with O Connor in Chicago taught me that options are options meaning that they can be used once understood on all asset classes. I would recommend and add to this that a strong understand of the underlying asset is essential.
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q3 What levels of ability are covered?

Ans 3. I assume very little. You should understand the very basics of Options, puts and calls and have an understanding of how spot or underlying markets work. There is information and 'gems' gained from a 25 year career in Options that I beleive ANY trader would certainly learn enough to justify the cost of the education.
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q4 What is the cost of Option education?

Ans 4. Please see the buy products | shop page for the latest prices
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q5 What if I get confused and do not understand one of the modules?

Ans 5. The modules are fun and interactive and are NOT made to be difficult. The exercises, once completed show that you have grasped the major concepts behind the module. If you have any problems simply go through the module again. If you still the have any questions please email me martin@fxdc.co.uk
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q6 How do I know if the course is any good?

Ans 6.Judge for yourself. I have allowed access to two modules as samples of the course to see the quality and style of the course. Just click on the the web link below

  • to veiw a some of the modules availible in this course press here

  • Note; only the RED labeled modules are enabled and the first module shows only the final recap of modules 1 and 2

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    q7 Who is behind the site?

    Ans 7. Martin Gymer is the CEO of the company (see the CV on the lower half of the home page). Martin has traded FX and FX Option for over 20 years. He has been a priciple is 8 'start up' FX Options business at major International Banks (Bank One, BOA, Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank, Dresnder Bank, ING, Republic NB). He has managed FX businesses for over 15 years and is a specialist on FX risk 'structure'. Martin has designed an implemented entire FX Options systems from scratch, built Exotic Option pricing tools and led a steering commitee to establish contract specifications and best practice in Exotic Options. This is now a Global industry standard document. Martin is O Connor trained, a theoretically based group that went from nowhere to the largest market maker in FX Options in under 6 months.
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    q8 Is this difficult to learn?

    Ans 8.No, this is quite easy, fun and straight foward. I have tried to translate difficult concepts into easy to understand 'bite size' chunks of information. These are the things I wish someone had of told me when I start my career!
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